Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Network designs, implementation, expansions and upgrades are a critical factor in the proper operation of every company. In many cases, organizations just add various network hardware devices, of varying quality, from different manufacturers and different network connection technologies, to connect new users. This often causes degradation in the quality of the network. Thus proper survey, planning and design are required, from both a logical and a physical point of view.

This includes factors encompassing the number of users, projected growth, current internet connectivity, cabling considerations, applications required, existing network infrastructure and physical layout, new services requirements, security and privacy considerations, wireless

requirements, reliability and uptime expectations, network manageability and maintenance, IP address planning, networks risk management and budget constraints. These factors are some of the factors well scrutinized and applied by Transworld as part of its services excellence to give its clients sound connectivity capabilities.

Our services line for networking thus include:

1.Cabling services 

  • Turnkey cabling
  • Triple play (voice, data and video) wiring
  • Structured cabling solutions
  • NGN networks cabling
  • Cabling Consultancy
  • ICT Infrastructure changes and modifications cabling services

2.Networks Designing
3. N-Computing
4. Networks and Systems Security
5. Performance analysis and consultancy
6. WAN connections
7. Network Upgrades

  • Expansions
  • New technologies
  • Network Integrations

8. System integration

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